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what is taboo what is allowed what is forbidden

What is Taboo, and how ourselves Can we know that what is unlawful and what is allowed and what is not allowed?

There are different occasions in our every day routine life when we do some act and it is said from the elderly members of our family or from the religious persons of our society that this act is not allowed or at least this act is not desired by our religion, for example celebrating Birth days, cutting cakes, cutting ribbon for inauguration and expending money in parties and expenditure in marriages, dowry in marriages and other show off acts and expenditures on different brands of cars and mobile phones, video graphic in marriages and celebrating marriage anniversaries, etc.
When such an act is performed then it is the others who point out that this is not allowed or at least it is not desired by our religion, these peoples who point out this are generally elderly members of our family or they are religious persons of our society. If we do some harmful act, which is really harmful for us then it is well known to us ourselves that this act is harmful for us, and there is no need of informing us that this act is harmful, for example we do not put our finger in open flame, we do not cut our finger with the blade, we do not drive the car ruthlessly on road, we do not eat and drink unknown things, we do not look at the sun with naked eyes, because we know from our childhood experiences that these acts are really harmful for us, and we are automatically get alarmed, and there is no need that the others should inform us about their harmfulness. But why this automatic mechanism of informing us in ourselves fails in the various other acts which we want to perform in our daily routine life? if we are not alarmed automatically, then there must be some thing wrong with our present ritual or religion, or either we do not have an understanding of our society and of our religion and the aim of our existence and life OR we do not have previous experience about the usefulness or harmfulness of these acts. Every thing depends upon the understanding and comprehension. To understand it conveniently consider the following allegory, Suppose you joined in a big organization as an salesman, your boss has a big business, and he has many salesmen, and for the promotion of his business you are selected as an salesman, your job is to sell the items or commodities to various customers in different cities in different shops and to different parties and firms, your job requirements are extensive traveling and contacts with the other peoples, and for traveling and for contacting to potential customers your boss has given you traveling expenditure, your boss has provided you food during your travel and your boss has provided you every thing of comfort during your successful travel for the final successful business gain and profit, you can dink mineral water during your business travel to keep you healthy and fit and you can eat clean and delicious food, and you can visit and see different places and cities during your business tour, you can meet different peoples and you can even travel in a branded new car for the promotion of the business, you and your family is even allowed to attend or organize different parties and celebrations and events for the promotion of the business, all the expenses of your travel and on your food and drink and on your tickets of various events and the bills of your rent a car and petrol and air plane travel will be paid by your boss, because you are his employee, and you are on duty, and after all your boss expects that you will make a good business for him, because you are his salesman. And after all these expenditure on yourself during travel if you are making a good successful business for your boss then he will become very happy and pleased with you, even he can give you reward and now he will even not ask you about minor private expenditures during your travel for example you purchased some gift items from various tourist places for your wife or children, he will neglect them, and because you know that what you can expend from this money for your children and wife, and what you can not purchase from this money, because you can understand that this money is for the business, and because you are doing good business, and because you are doing your duty well your boss becomes happy and pleased from you. All the above expenses were allowed because the intention behind their expenditure was making a business for your boss, and because you was on business tour, and because you were expending this money for the intention of making business, Now suppose that there is another salesman, who is your colleague and he is working in your organization and he is also in the same business travel but he forgot the intention of his travel, then what will happen?, then he will eat and drink and he will enjoy the parties and he will enjoy the tourist places of interest and he will expend the money in his amusement and on his private expenses, and he will expend the money in cinemas and on gambling and different private expenditures such as purchasing of house and flats, and costly cars and mobile phones, birthday celebrations and marriage expenditures and other show offs, and even doing his own trade and business, and he will use the money as he like and his journey will be aimless and his travel will be fruitless because he has not done any thing for the business of his boss, because he forgot the intention of his travel, and what ever he has expended in his travel is not allowed to him, but this salesman can not understand what is wrong and what is right, because he has forgot the very intention of his travel, and the other colleagues tell him that this is allowed and that is not allowed, the other colleagues are not aware about the mental condition of this salesman, they did not know that he has forgotten the very intention of his travel, and the other colleagues are just telling him to guide him, and this our forgetful salesman is confused because he finds the advise of the other peoples very disturbing, he thinks in his mind that why I should not do this, and he can not understand unless he knows not the real intension of his travel. This is the situation in our daily life, which ever religion we follow, which ever country we belong to, and what ever our socioeconomic condition be, there always some situations comes in our life when no sooner we do some thing than the other people point out that this act is not allowed and so and so, and then why we do not know it in first hand that this is not allowed?, and why we are not alarmed automatically from our own consciousness, because we do not know the very intention of our life, we do not know the Aim of our life or the Aim of very existence, and because there is definitely some thing wrong in our present ritual and religion, and in our understanding, other wise we will be alarmed ourselves before putting our finger on open flame. If our example is like the salesman who forgot the very intention of his business tour, then the natural question is that, What is the Aim of our life?, Is our life a tour or journey?. And the answer is yes, our life is not without Aim, our life is not like the life of insects or birds, even the life of insects and animals have Ecological niches.
The Aim of our life is to restore peace and justice in the society, the need of establishing justice and peace in the society arose from the event of appearance of mankind's first colony , when the man first started to live in groups, the advantages of living in groups are easy availability of relation ships and some protection against wild animals and help and rescue in the event of dander and calamities and availability of daily need items, such as clothes and other goods, but the act of living in colonies had some disadvantages too, and the biggest and deadliest disadvantage is the acceptance of supremacy of the other peoples, i.e. the chief of the colony and the king of the village, and acceptance of their subordination. The Aim of the life of Human beings is to establish justice and peace in the society, then for this first we must know about our position, if our position is just like a salesman, then at very first we must know about our Boss, our boss must be the one who must be very great, he who must be capable of enormous power and intelligence, he alone must be sufficient and capable, he must not be in any need of helpers and supporters and servants, he must not be needy, he does not need any relatives, any wife and children, nor brothers and sisters nor mother and father and mother in law nor son or nephews, he alone should be fully capable of every thing he want, he must have created the universe and every thing, and from the observation of this complex universe we can say that he has created this universe and in reality he has always guided the human beings since the beginning of the human life, and throughout the past he has guided the man by his messengers, and finally he guided the entire man kind by his final guidance through a final messenger, all the guidance and messages given to the man kind are either corrupted or contaminated in the past, but the final message remained pure and uncontaminated till today. The guidance is just like a booklet given with any device and machine or gadget we purchase, when we purchase any new gadget or device or any machine from the market, then a booklet is also supplied with the machine, this booklet is a message and guidance from the engineer and manufacturer of that machine, in this guidance we will find the correct method of using the machine, this booklet also warns us that if we will not follow the correct procedure of the usage of the machine, then it can harm us, and the guarantee will be null and void if we tamper with the information or the machine parts, and it is expected from the users that they should follow the instructions of the booklet while using that machine, and suppose any body who will not follow the instructions of the booklet, will be doing this at his own risks. The Aim of human beings is to restore and establish justice and peace in the society, the world is a machine given to us by an engineer and this engineer has provided us his guidance and he is our boss, he has given us our life as a journey, and he has provided us every opportunity to do good business, we are his employees, our life and our money is his allowances given for our successful travel, our business is to restore justice and peace in the human society. Now we have to decide where to expend the money, now we have to decide what we are doing is in compliance to our business or not, if it is not then we must abandon that.
But the most of the peoples in the world are today are just like the salesman who forgot the very intentions of his journey, what ever religions we follow and what ever countries we belong, after all we are all the employees of a big boss, and after completing our journey he will evaluate our achievements and if our boss finds us successful in our business tour then he will give rewards and promotion and if we failed in our tour then we must be ready to be fired. Now it is the duty of human beings to search for find out the correct and uncontaminated guidance of the big boss and try to perform our duties faithfully and we should not become the salesman who forgot the very intentions of the journey, because it is very easy to forget the intentions of our duty in the amusements of the tour. And once we understand the intentions of our journey, then we will be alarmed automatically at each and every step, and there will be no need for us to remind us our duty from external advice.
The aim of life is not earning wealth and eating and enjoying and celebrating the occasions, the insects and animals are having this type of life, the rich man's dog enjoys every comfort. The aim of human life is to restore justice and peace in the society.

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