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Muslims and Millennium Gap

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Millenium Gap

The Islam Today seems to be very difficult and very strict in its regimen, but actually Islam

never was so difficult, it seems difficult because there is  not a Generation Gap, but because there

is a Millenium Gap..........of understanding and implementations.................

No need to become apostate, no need to become Quran only, (Ahle quran),  no need to become progressive muslims..............do not fall prey to the religious black mailing....accept the ideology, this is enough for you... you are full fledge muslim !

Islam is apostasy from all illogical doctrines, and theories and hypothesies, &  believes and rituals....
only Islam is progressive and all other thoughts are regressive in fact......

you can  still be a Muslim if you accept the ideology of Islam, & what is that ideology?........?

That ideology is La ilaha illa Allah, Mohammadur Rasool Allah, ( There is No god Except Allah, Mohammad PBUH is the Messenger of Allah )........if you agree on this ideology, then you are already a Muslim ! !

I will write my opinions in this page Shortly.........


In the deep past, the humanity was enslaved by weired and scarry superstitions and religious beliefs and myths, the peoples and the women were completely enslaved by the humilating and embarassing laws and rituals and religions, all religions were a sort of punishment to the human race, in this time the Islam allowed the humanity a freedom and liberty from superstitions and bindings of laws and rituals, so the people felt extream ease in Islam, & the Islam remained as it was, and the society changed now, now we became totally liberated and free from every binding, in todays life style, and now in comparison to todays life we are feeling Islam to be very harsh and hard, it is we who have changed,
every thing is good, either it is positive or negative, but it should be moderate, now today we became liberated, but our liberty is not moderate....
Islam is liberty from each & every superstition and illogical rituals...

Millennium Gap

One Day....

اقبال نے  جواب  میں  کہا 

                                                                    اقبال نے کہا

                     پیدا کیا انسان کو درد  دل کے واسطے

                    ورنہ اطاعت کے لئے کچھ کم نہ تھیں کروبییاں

                                          کروبییاں  یعنی  فرشتے

It is observed from majority of Muslims world wide that they are quite reluctant in observing the Islamic prescribed modes of worship, namely the Salah or prayers or namaz, salat is compulsory in Islam on each and every adult Muslims five times daily, without fail, including Fridays the same is more or less true for the fasting in the month of Ramadan and giving charity and zakat, but hajj is enjoyed by Muslims as it has the delight of travel and tours.
In fact all Muslims believe that only the Islam and it’s mode of worshipping god is the correct way and the Islam is the correct and true religion authenticated by god.
Then why this laziness and reluctance towards observing salat and other Islamic duties?
The answer is, all this is because now the Muslims do not see any benefit in those acts and they think them to be useless, although they believe them to be the means to please god.
Then, why there seems to be no apparent benefits in them?
The answer is that everything has its niche in the sociosystem of the world, if we see anything out of the context of its ecosystem, then we will find it to be useless and burden, the same has happened with the daily five time Salah prayers of the Islam.
The salat prayers and all the prescribed worships of Islam have very strongly interlocked functions in Islamic society, to understand them we need to understand Islam as a perfect system for the life of humans on the earth for limited time.
The Islam is not simply a religion as  are all other religions do, but it is a civilization and it is very social in its origin, Islam promotes socialization of the individuals it creates a society out of crowd of humans and for creation of good moral society Islam needs good moral members, the salat, the hajj the ramazan the zakat all contribute to make a good moral society of humans out of the crowd of peoples.
Therefore Islam advocates the formation of a Muslim society with a leader in each and every locality even if two peoples are there, if three peoples are there, one should be their leader and the two have to follow him.
The election of the leader is on the basis of good moral characters, and not on power and wealth.
The salat is the first instrument in the line of formation of a society, if a good moral society is formed headed by a wise and good moral character leader, then most of the problems of the Muslims will evaporate in particular and of the world wide humanity in general.
The salat urges us to have a leader for us, as there is a leader for performing the salat, then the next task of the salat is to continuously socialize the Muslims by mixing and bringing them in contact as they have to go to the mosque for salat, the Muslims come in contact of each other, they know the conditions of other needy Muslims and they learn to obey the leader as they obey the leader for the salat.
Once the Muslims formed a society headed by a good character leader and they perform salat in mosques and they become socialized, then this it marks the end of the misery of that Muslim society.
But at this point you will ask me that this has not happened in the Muslim society since last more than one thousand years in spite of that the Muslims performs salat and hajjes, and fasting and charity worldwide since centuries.
The answer is that the Muslims has not formed a society,  the society is like the chassis of a machine, and all these hajjes, zakats and namaz or salats are just like gears of a machine, all the gears are rotating correctly but they should be inside the chassis of the machine, if they rotate outside the chassis then their rotation is useless even though they rotate correctly, so are the prayers and salah and zakat and hajj.
The Muslims should form a chassis or society, and then only the gears of salat or namaz and roza can be meaningful for them.
Muslims need a society and a good society leader, today all Muslims of the world are just crowd, ( they are just like a pile of Junk), they are not a society, there are many sects in them, these sects are just like acid which dissolves internal bondings and break down of the unity.
And why the Muslims are unable to understand today about this situation and the meaninglessness of the salat and zakat and fasting and the formation of the society, the answer is that there is a gap in their understanding, this gap is not small like generation gap, but it is very wide it is the millennium gap.
because muslims are devoid of the social unity since one millennium.
The Leader of Muslims is their Khalifa, and none other....
The society is like a protective body of the machine, all the parts and gears works inside the body of the machine protected by the outsiders and protected towards disassembly.
without the Chassis the spare parts are like a pile of junk, and if assembled in a chassis they form a machine.

all the gears are rotating correctly, but out side the machine chassis or housing, the rotation of the gears is useless and so are the prayers and hajj and salat and roza and zakat and namaz, although they are being performed very correctly as shown by the shariyah and fiqqah,  but no benefits, rather a burden.

The Islam Today seems to be very difficult and very strict in its regimen, but actually Islam never was so difficult, it seems difficult because there is  not  a  Generation Gap, but  because there is a Millenium Gap..........of understanding and implementations......

The Clerics of Islam in the beginning of Islam were all genius and intelligent persons, but in the later centuries the clerics were from the below normal IQ persons or from even stupid persons, this deterioration caused the Islam become very stiff and harsh, these clerics were unable to understand the Hadiths of the Final prophet (PBUH) and they could not understand the spirit of Islam, actually the Islam is easy, and God does not want hardship for his followers, those clerics implemented and interpreted the sayings of the prophet(PBUH) without considering the changing situations of time and locations, inshort after this Islam lost the dynamism, & it became stagnant,  after passing of the prophet (PBUH) there occured a long gap in understanding and this gap widened with each century of inept clerics and sects and today the gap became Millenium Gap, now what we see today is a very hard Islam, this is because loss of flexibility in understanding and implementation in this one Millenium gap.
The Clerics or the Clergymen of Islam A.K.A. Ulama are unable to adapt according to the situations, and this is the main reason that all muslims in the world today are in troubles & target of accusations, where muslims are in minority they are not handling the situation wisely and the result is their persecusion.
The clerics of Islam are not using the wisdom of Islam in changing world situation, Islam is always for the present and future, Islam is not for the past, there fore we should not copy paste situations from past to our present problems and conditions, if we want solutions for our problems, then we must solve it wisely implementing Islamic wisdom, but our Ulamaa are just copy pasting the Hadiths without wisely overthinking on them.
If any body has some Questions in his mind and if he happens to ask an Islamic solution for that problem, then instead of solving the problem, the Aalim (singular for Ulama) even worsen the situation by copy pasting from past.

Islam is dynamic civilization, it is not a religion, it is for the present and future of mankind, so we must look forward to solve our problems wisely, using Islamic spirit and wisdom of the Prophet (PBUH).

I remember, there was a native British person who had recently embraced Islam, he became Muslim from Christian Catholic, He was Bus Driver in public Transport authority of the London city, for City Bus service,
one day he ask a muslim Cleric that , I am bus driver and my bus carries advertisements which are unIslamic in nature, such as advertisements of Banks and Interest rates, or Beer or even Escort companies also place their Ads. on the bus walls and in the monitor of TV. so the driver asked the Ulama, that,  can I work in such situation, and more over he also writes that finding a new job in Britain is a bit difficult for him in these times.
Then the cleric instead of solving his problem worsen the situation for him, the cleric told him that he must quit the job, and find a new job.

Engg.Ishrat Hussain Mohammad Dubai. U.A.E.


Islam is easy, just we have to believe that there is a God of this entire known & unknown universe or space, and he is good, because a all power full mighty God has to be good only, because if he becomes good, then no harm for him, & if he becomes bad, then no gain for him either, but if he becomes bad & harms his creatures, then nobody can rescue them, and if he benefits them, then nobody can stop him, so he only can benefit his creatures, so it is better for him to be good, hence he will reward and punish us depending our behaviour & he tried to guide us by selected messengers, and Prophet Mohammad PBUH was the last of those messengers, and Islam is the last guidance.
Islam is really this simple & easy! this much is sufficient for the qualification of entering into paradise.
Allah says in Quran that," I will forgive every thing,except Polytheism.

we have to follow the Spirit of Islam only, & what is the spirit of Islam ?, the spirit of
Islam is that " There is One God, he will judge us, he is looking all of us 7x24 hrs, we should be nice with all others, The God has given us brains, then we should use it 7x24 hrs, in modern times we have to use our brains in accordance with the will & spirit of the God. all our acts & deeds must reflect this spirit.
No need to become apostate, no need to become Quran only, (Ahle quran),  no need to become progressive muslims.....................all these peoples are the peoples of fire..........
Liberty from every superstition and illogical rituals is real Islam..
this is the ideology of islam !
do not fall prey to the religious black mailing....accept the ideology, this is enough for you... you are full fledge muslim !

 that's all folks!

The low IQ ulama rendered & implemented & interpreted islam to be so hard, stiff and inflexible, Islam is the belief about the God, if you believe in him then you have already won the war, remaining is the bonus,  now all the enemies
of islam know the islam in its pure form, they know that it is very simple and they also saw a potential
danger in islam, so they tried to stop islam by alleging muslims for the false flag operations of terrorism all over the world, they know that all this is fake, every body of them know.
.. here i am pasting an article about the muslim prayers(salat-Namaz) by a non muslim, please read it you will see how clear he is in comprehension of islam...

Salat (prayer):
The five daily prayers do quite a bit to foster Muslim unity. All Muslims pray the same way, no matter what culture they are from or what mosque they belong to. No matter if they are Sunni, Shi'ite or even Sufi. While there may be additional ways these groups express devotion to God, the method of basic daily prayers is held in common amongst all Muslims worldwide and down through the ages since Muhammad set this standard for prayer. The language of prayer unites all Muslims. All prayers are recited in Arabic by all Muslims, no matter what language they may speak in their daily lives.
The method of praying also demonstrates the unity of the Muslim community. When Muslims pray they line up shoulder to shoulder, toe to toe, in gentle physical contact with one another. They move together in unison, bowing, kneeling, prostrating all at the same time. Another way prayer unites all Muslims is that they all face toward Mecca during prayer. Even the leader of prayer (the Imam) faces Mecca rather than the congregation. He has his back to the other Muslims in the room as he leads them in the movements of prayer (it is a lot like "follow the leader").
Some other things to know about Muslim prayer: it is not petitionary but, rather, a sign of respect and reverence for God. Muslims are not asking God for things when they pray; they are praising God. Their entire day, every day, is centered around the times for prayer. There is a set time frame for these prayers but it is somewhat flexible within limits:
1st (dawn) prayer: during dawn but before actual sunrise
2nd (noon) prayer: from the time the sun passes it's summit 'til it is midway between summit and setting
3rd (mid-day) prayer: from the time the sun is midway between summit to setting but before it actually sets
4th (sunset) prayer: between sunset and total darkness
5th (night) prayer: anytime during total darkness before one goes to bed but usually done about an hour and a half after the sunset prayer.
Prayer takes a priority in their life. Whatever they are doing, when the appointed hour arrives, they take a few minutes out to stop and pray and remember God. Then they will go back to work or school or daily chores. There is a "window of opportunity" and they can pray up to a few hours later if necessary. It is even possible to "piggyback" two prayer times one right after the other (although stricter Muslims will say this is not allowed). These prayers need not be done in a mosque if it is inconvenient to get there (such as in the middle of the work day). But it is advisable to pray in the mosque (in community) if at all possible. These prayers may be done anywhere but the Muslim will always face the direction of Mecca no matter where he or she prays.
An ablution (ritual cleansing with water) is to be done just prior to prayer and all mosques provide a special area in which to do this (water is the most common form of ritual purification in all religions).
Women pray in a balcony of the mosque or in the back of the room, behind the men. This is to protect the woman's modesty so, when in the position of prostration, she will not fear that some man behind them is leering at her rear end (this arrangement also alleviates the possibility that the weak man will not be distracted in his prayer by the woman in front of him). Male-female relations in Islamic rules holds that a man should not take advantage of a woman and a woman, in turn, shall not entice a man. This is the main reason why modest attire is to be worn by Muslim women. This is why women are to pray out of eyesight of men.
The major community prayer time is Friday noontime prayer when the largest crowds will gather together at the mosque for prayer. Friday is the closest Islam comes to having a Sabbath day of rest as in Judaism or Christianity but Friday is not really a "day of rest" for Muslims (though many Muslim countries do shut down businesses on this day). However, Fridays are not any more of a sacred day than any other in Islam. For Islam, every day is a day for prayer.
You can find a one hour video clip on Salat (Muslim prayer) at:
When you get there, just click on the diagram. This most interesting and informative video will take you through the entire prayer process (uses "Real Player"). Visit the entire site from their home page at: http://islamicity.com

 that's all folks!

God has given the best brain of the world to the humankind, and humans have aquired wast knowledge of the science and cosmology and quantum physics and every thing, now we must think that there must be a very intelligent and resourceful and ever capable being out there, he must have created all these universes and energy, and we must think that the powerful being is absolute supreme being and all others are his servants, and we must think that if he is such and such then he must be just, because the justice is related with the goodness, and if he is just then he will make justice among all of us, therefore we all must behave nicely with each other, believing in the justice and reward from him and fearing his wrath and punishment, to think this much any body does not need any Shariya, Any Prophet any Quran any Torah, any Talmud any Gospel & any Hadith, he will need nothing from any of these things. His brain is his prophet, and this prophet will guide him till the end of life.
Muslims were given a chance of 1000 years to convey the message of God to all mankind, but muslims failed to convey this message in the world, they ruled over it with absolute power, but 90 %  of the peoples on the earth remained unreached by the message of God, but God loves every one, he is not for any race, he is the God of every one, so he wanted to save every single person, now after failure of muslims to deliver his message there is only one option of survival has remained with the humanity, and this option is brain.
Now if anybody is using his brain to recognize his God, Is that his fault ?
The reason of brain is guiding him, and it will guide him till the end of the world. 
The Brain is the prophet of Deists.

Please do remember me in your prayers and for reading more about urdu keep on browsing

Please do remember me in your prayers and for reading more about urdu keep on browsing


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