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Thought Experiment Eternal Journey

Thought Experiment.

An Eternal Journey......................................

Nothing does not need any cause for it's existence, nothing is infinitely large and huge, it has no beginning and no end, it does not depends on any thing, but everything depends on nothing to exists, because a space is always needed for anything to exist, this sounds as we are talking about the God, But we are not talking about the God, the God is considered to be independent, he does not need any cause to exist, he is the uncaused cause, he has no beginning and no end, he is infinitely big. This all fits to the Time & Space and the Energy. ( The Energy cannot be created & nor it can be Destroyed). so we cannot destroy time nor we can create the time & space, the space is nothing, & we cannot create nothing nor we can destroy nothing.
And so is the Time, the time is also a nothing, it too has no beginning nor any end,.
It seems that the TIME is always flowing in one direction, just as an arrow, but actually time is just like the Roads, the network of roads in a city, when we want to go somewhere, then we point towards a road and we ask someone, where this road is going, where that road is going, but actually roads never go anywhere, it is we who has to go,. So the time is like this, it is we who are going from our birth to our deaths, and we assume that time is going, but actually time never go anywhere.
There are low speed roads and high speed roads, 40-60-80 & 120 etc, but actually this is our speeds.
The Infinity cannot be more than one, if there are more infinite things then they are one and the same, there cannot be two infinities, because if there are more than one infinity then it has to give room for other infinity to accommodate, in this case the both are finite, they cannot be called as infinity.
The Infinities can be imaginary, such as numbers, you go on counting and counting, but you will not end, but these types of infinities are a subset of the space or The "nothing", which encompass them, it is the "nothing" which is needed for the universe to exists.
The Time is infinity and the space too is infinity, therefore the time and space must be one and the same, the space is nothing and in the beginning there must be nothing.
The Time is threefold Space and Time as well as Nothing, and all the three mentioned are infinite, and they are one and the same.
The matter is condensed form of energy and energy is condensed form of time & space, therefore energy cannot be created nor it can be destroyed, because it is made of nothing, and nothing cannot be destroyed, because there is nothing to destroy!

The Space is a kind of nothing, but you can dip a cup in the enormous ocean of the space and get your cup full of space, you can save the space in a bottle, and the Time is also just like space, it is a kind of nothing, you actually cannot measure the time, every time you are measuring your own speed and fooling yourself to assume that you are measuring time, also you cannot dip a cup in the eternally wast and enormous ocean of time which flows since eternity, and you cannot fill a bottle full of time from this ocean for using it in future.
The space and the time are actually just like nothing, we cannot see time, how it is, where is its center, and why and how it flows, we don't know its speed either, so is the space, the space is also a kind of nothing, this means that nothing comes in different flavors !

In the deep past,
There was nothing, this nothing had no boundaries, everywhere was nothing, you can imagine how enormous this nothing might have been, because nothing is nothing in all directions, in all dimensions and in all everywhere, this nothing was very big and huge, you cannot imagine, it was huge beyond any imagination, you can say that there was nothing and nothing, and nothing everywhere, it was very dangerously dark, black and cold, chilling cold, freezing cold, and darkest of all dark, it was hungry since trillions of trillions of time periods of the length of trillions and trillions of light year long time epochs, it was so badly hungry that it could engulf its own self inside its center  its center was also huge and enormous likes itself own, this nothing was sucking and engulfing its own self since the trillions and trillions of light year long time periods, and this suction and engulfment was persistent for the periods of trillions and trillions of trillions of years, or you can say it was eternal suction, its center was sucking in the time, which was flowing endlessly,  in the suction of this much enormously long time period the center of nothing collapsed to became just like a snake,  or you may say that it was just like a huge black hole, of the shape of a funnel, it’s mouth was sucking time in,  and the time was passing through its intestine, squeezed out and condensed, enormously dense, and the length of the abdomen of this cosmic snake was very long, enormously long, it was just like its mouth, as its mouth and this funnel is enormously huge, so the length was also trillions of trillions of trillions of light years long, and it was also enormously thin, so thin that you cannot imagine too, for your imagination, I can say that, the thinness of its intestine is in the proportion of the reciprocal of its length, or in the proportion of trillions and trillions of reciprocal of its length, and there were other nothings like this one, everywhere, overlapping each other, just like a fabric or cloth or tissue, in all dimensions, in three dimensions,  in solid geometrically, so the nothings were nothing everywhere, they were sucking the time epochs, since the eternity and they will continue to do so for the eternity, the time which was passing through the thinner intestines of these networks of funnels of black holes was getting denser and denser as it was passing the eternally long thin intestines, the time which becomes denser and denser, becomes beads of energy, these beads are so dense and having condensed time which was formed into energy beads, just like the beet of sheep form inside its intestine and come out from its anus, in the same way the energy beads were coming out of this cosmic funnel from its other end, one by one, and the pace or time period between the successive beads is constant and also enormously long, but if you see them in the frame of the three dimensional or multidimensional network of the overlapping funnels, you will see that the beads are coming out just like bullets from an AK 47 riffle, you will notice no time gap, no pace between the two successive beads, and the beads are countless in number, but if you see them in our human time frame, then the pace between the two successive beads is enormous, or say eternity.
Once a bead comes out from the other farther end of the cosmic nothing, or say black hole of nothing, then this bead, as it comes out experiences a sudden release from the enormous pressure of the thinnest of the thin intestine of the crushing nothing, so it suddenly gets exploded, this explosions is of the time epoch, which was being sucked down by the nothing trillions of trillions of time epochs in the deep past, now this time became energy in the intestine, and this energy is now getting released in the form of a sudden and hot explosion of the big bang.
Now you know very well from this point, now this is big bang and after the big bang the cosmos and universes and galaxies and cosmic dust and novas and supernovas, and stars and everything starts to evolve.
This process of formation of galaxies and super cluster of galaxies and networks of multiverses keep evolving and remain in the space for the long time periods of trillions of trillions of light year time periods, after this they disintegrate into particles and the particles into neutrons, protons and electrons and after this the whole cosmic dust becomes so thin that it further disintegrate into bosons, baryons and subatomic particles and lastly into energy and finally into the time again.
And this time which keeps always passing gets trapped into any another mouth of any of the same kind of funnels of collapsing nothing, whose networks were overlapping in the eternity.
And a new cycle of squeezing starts and a new bead comes out from the farthermost end of any funnel of nothing and our life seeds starts being sown, once again, till eternity.
In this way may be some day we will pop up again on any planets, just like the earth, or better than the earth, or worst than the earth, to which we may call Heaven or Jannat, or paradise and Hell or abyss, the  God Can Do Anything.
Remember !, God can be more clever and marvelous than out thoughts, because he is God.

There is a famous saying of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH),...

It is authentically reported on the authority of Abu Hurairah (ra) that the Prophet (PBUH) said: "Allah , Most Blessed, Most High, says: "The son of Adam wrongs Me: He curses time, though I am time: In My Hands are all things and I cause the night to follow the day."  In another narration, He (may Peace Be Upon Him) says: "Do not curse time, for verily, time is Allah ."

Another theory is as following,

As in our universe "when if a body or say star accumulates more matter and becomes  at least 5 to 10 times more massive than our sun, then due to the gravitational pull, it's center collapses, and that massive star becomes a black hole, or say "nothing", and as soon as the center collapses, the newly formed black hole sucks all nearby matter and annihilate  it and convert it back into the energy, " such black holes are found nearly in all the centers of galaxies.
These black holes sucks in everything, even light and photons get engulfed by them and time too becomes zero. and these nothings becomes bigger and bigger day by day.

"In the same way but in reverse direction, when a nothing or vacuum or space becomes enormously huge, it's center explodes ( Counter Collapse ) to give out matter, and this may be the cause of the Big Bang".  

God Knows better !

Engg. Ishrat Hussain Mohammad.       

which is the true religion

an article from quantum madness..
Quantum Madness

The theory of  Biocentrism  of Dr.Robert Lanza and quantum mechanics and the vacuum fluctuations are the theories which gives clues about the God and his hidden mechanism, even the origins of life and death, the God arises by the longings of its creatures, as we the creatures gets pains and hardships and we desire the justice of the God, then God arises.
We the creatures includes every thing, the living and non living, humans and animals and mass and energies and particles and plasma and whatever is created out of nothing.

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